I specialize in helping reputable companies to improve search engine rankings that matter by building high-quality links to your most valuable pages to help you rank well in search engine results—now and for years to come.



Agree on objectives and priority content. Define results-oriented strategies.


Reach out to relevant high-quality sites.


Review links earned and progress against objectives. Adjust strategy as needed.


How is my approach different?


Other Link Builders

Focus on Reputable Brands

We only work with reputable companies in respected industries.
We are very careful about who we choose to work with, and only accept
work with companies that make the internet and the world a better place.

White-Hat Tactics

We only use the most ethical and white-hat link building
approaches that are the most likely to provide long-term value.
Others use tactics that put you at risk of a manual penalty
or negative result from algorithm updates.

Links to Priority Pages

We get high-quality backlinks to your most valuable product
and service pages, instead of content pages that are
created only for link-building purposes.

Editorial Links

We only get links from sites that retain editorial
control of their content, leading to natural anchor
text distribution and long-term value.

High Conversion Rates

We use tactics and strategies that optimize conversion
rates, which allows us to sustain efforts over a long period
of time and not burn through prospects.

Use Real Names

We don’t hide behind pseudonyms or fake names.
We never say anything in an email we wouldn’t be willing to say ourselves.

Powered by Humans

We use a manual process for ensuring we find the correct
individuals to contact, instead of relying on automated contact-finding tools.
Every email we send is reviewed by humans.

Data Driven

We love data! We use data to inform better
decision making and minimize human error.

Never Pay for Links

We never pay for links. Paying for links is a violation
of Google’s quality guidelines and increases risk of manual penalties.

Transparent Process

We are completely transparent with you throughout
the whole process. You always have access to our prospect
lists and every email we send.


“With most SEO professionals, I have to be concerned whether they employ spammy, gray-hat, or even unethical strategies to build links. With Steve, I don’t have to worry at all. He is totally trustworthy, and not only does he hold himself to the highest ethical standards, he’s one of the smartest analysts I’ve ever met. His past career experience with large companies makes him highly professional and his growth experience with small companies makes him hungry to make a difference. Above all, though, his link building strategies are fundamentally sound, unique, and they work spectacularly for increased rankings. If you need great SEO performance and your brand reputation is important to you, Steve is the first person I’d recommend.”

AJ Wilcox

Founder of

“Steve knows his stuff. My link building needs were unique and he customized the outreach process in a way that incorporated my goals and style. Steve over-delivered and provided relevant, high-quality links at a surprising scale. He has deep, personal integrity and I trust him with my business.”

Jeff Hunt

Owner of Lifetime Content LLC

“Steve is an extremely ethical and trustworthy link builder, which is a rarity in this industry! He has a keen ability to sift through vast amounts of data to find opportunities that others might pass up. I feel lucky to have been able to work with him and would recommend him to any company that’s looking for help with their off-page SEO efforts.”

Aaron Anderson

SEO Agency Owner