I’ve thought hard about the best way to price my services. A good pricing model aligns the incentives for both parties and doesn’t leave room for ambiguity. It ensures that you know exactly what you’re getting for what you pay, and it eliminates uncertainty so you can budget your spend appropriately. To accomplish these various objectives, I’ve decided to use a blended approach to pricing, which combines a price per link with a monthly budget. I think it’s the perfect model, and I know I’m priced competitively, but if you think something else would work better for you, let me know. I’m always open to suggestions.

Part 1: Price per link

I charge a variable price for each link based on the authority of the site that linked to you, measured using ahrefs’ Domain Rating (DR). Sites with more authority are weighted more than sites with less authority in search algorithms, so you pay more for links that have more value. Even though I use DR to determine the price you pay for a link, that’s not the only thing I use to evaluate quality. I also review organic traffic and relevance to your niche and manually review every site I contact so you only get links from quality sites that will help you in the long run.

DR Price per Link
0-29 $100
30-39 $175
40-49 $225
50-59 $275
60+ $325

Part 2: Monthly Budget

You decide what monthly budget makes sense for your business, and I’ll get a diverse set of links each month within your budget. Here are a few examples of common monthly budget amounts. These are just made up examples though. You can budget whatever you want, as long as it’s above the minimum.


Small companies or those who are new to link building and want to see results before investing more. This is the minimum budget to start work with me.


You know the value of link building and are serious about investing in it.


Large companies that are ready to take link building efforts to the next level

Part 3: MONTHLY Rollover

Since you are paying a fixed amount each month based on per-link prices, there will always be a little rollover from month to month. That means if I built more or less than your budget one month, the shortfall or excess will be carried over to the next month.

Example (link to detail)

Month Budget Links Earned Link Cost Monthly Rollover
1 $ 6,000 25 $5,500 $500
2 $ 6,000 35 $7,700 -$1,200
3 $ 6,000 20 $4,400 $400
4 $ 6,000 30 $6,600 -$200

No Minimum Contract Period

I don’t have a fixed minimum contract period. However, it’s important to set expectations appropriately. Link building is a long-term marketing investment. As such I recommend a minimum three month trial so you can start to see results before deciding to end a contract, but I won’t hold you to that. You can leave any time for any reason. Ultimately, I want you to be delighted, and get lots more value than what you’re paying me.